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About Word Counter

Word Counter tool is very reliable tool for count words and characters of your article. It is not easy to count written words manually when you write long content for this purpose S4seo Tools gives you Word Counter Tool which is free of cost. Although this tool provide about total words in your document as well as count characters in the documents. It display results instantly need to just paste text or upload the file and press enter than it count words and characters in just a few seconds.

Why you should use Word Counter tool?

If you are SEO Exerts or write a content for any website than it is very compulsory to count your written words as well as characters than you definitely search a tool that gives you exact figure your words. Naturally it is not easy to count manually long document words so you should have to use this free Small SEO Tool. Moreover this tool is free forever you just have to need copy document and paste it in word counter box than press enter Word Counter tool display results in your PC screen in just few seconds.
Words are most important to make an article unique so if your article is low as required words than your article can't not make unique. You can write your article in proper way with the help of our SEO Tools such as Article Rewriter , Plagiarism Checker and Word Counter tool.

How does work Word Counter tool?

Word Counter is more helpful tool fro that person who is SEO Expert and working online. While they know that search engine more prefer a unique content as well as long content so that it is very important to check your article before publishing how many words and characters it have. This tool tell about words and you can improve it before put in your website. Many websites should contain enough textual content to target many keywords, keyword variations and long tail search terms. You can also check the percentage of anchor text words found on a page.
Additionally one of the most advantage of this tool that is free online word counter, help to check accurate number of words as well as gives you the limit of words, if any article exceed this limit than it tell about so you can set according to required limit.

We prefer this because it is really an excellent tool with unlimited functions as compare to any other premium tool. There is no registration or signup required you just use with your content so copy content and paste in box press enter suddenly you get result, very simple! You can sue this tool on any device very easily.

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