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About URL Rewriting Tool

URL Rewriting is one of the best tool which is used for check and rewrite URL of your website. Although this tool is very helpful for all webmasters.
There are some reasons to check your website URL
1. Static URL is best as compare of dynamic URL due to many reasons
2. Dynamic links are indexed slower by search engines than a static page
3. Static URLs work friendlier for your users.

Due to these reasons it is very important to use URL Rewriting Tool which works in reliable way for their users. In other words it is best tool for convert your dynamic links into static links. This tool offered from Small SEO Tools free of cost with all latest features. There are many tools are available on internet for this purpose but we prefer our valuable customers to use this free tool because it works better than other paid tools.

How Works URL Rewriting Tool

URL Rewriting tool is a powerful tool that is use for check any website URL. It provide their user option of converting dynamic URL into static URL. In order to use this tool you will have to create “.htaccess” file and then copy and paste the code you generated into the URL Rewriting tool. So this tool works efficiently without any downloading or installation of any software in your system. S4seo Tools offer this incredible tool totally free of cost which developed by our efficient team as requirement of our customers. As we discuss above its use are very easy which is not very complicated.

Moreover it have friendly interface for use. However we prefer to use this tool because it is very important for marketing and reaching out to a wider range of audience worldwide. As well as it can rank your website for better visibility in search engine.

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