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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

Reverse IP Domain Checker is one of the best tool which is used for check your IP address. It is specially designed for that webmasters who are using shared hosting service. It will display all links and domains of any other website which sent on your IP address. This tool is very important for shared hosting users. They must have use this tool. If your IP address receive any link from that website which indicate as problematic website than this tool indicate that website and you can sort out this error. So you can protect your IP address with the help of Reverse IP Domain Checker Tool.

How Reverse IP Domain Checker work?

Reverse IP Domain Checker Tool is very excellent in working which is very easy to use so that it is very easy tool which is best platform to protect your IP from malicious websites. These malicious websites can effect your IP and it become cause of virus or malware. So it is perfect tool for check malicious content.
In order to use this tool just type website URL of your site and go to submit than suddenly this tool give you results after fetching all other websites which are sharing the IP address. In other words in shared hosting one IP has been shared many sites of different admin. If there is found malicious content in any one site than it can effect the ranking of your website. So it is very important to indicate that website which cause of this problem.

However if you want to rank your website in search engine than it is compulsory that your website does not contain any malicious content like virus. All webmasters should use this tool for this type of illegal content. In shared hosting there are many websites are working there are may be some adult website or those website that has been reported for spam. So we suggest to all website owners use our free tool that is designed S4SEO Tools free for their valuable customers. It is better than paid tools because it is no need for registration or sign in you can use directly.

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