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About Page Size Checker

Page Size Checker is very important tool for all website owners. It is very useful tool to check size of their web pages. All internet user want to make website with low budget and than want to rank their website high in search engine, for this purpose it is very important your web pages works fast. Today technology is very fast and user want a website which have strong content, best images, videos, audio etc. When you add these all objects on your website than your webpage size definitely heavy because all these objects do not load immediately. For this purpose S4SEO Tools design a simple Small SEO Tool which tell about the size of your website.

All web owners check their webpage size with the help of Page Size Checker Tool and than they locate the size and can adjust it to another host than webpage size is reduced and thus the loading time are also reduced.

How you can use Page Size Checker Tool

Page Size Checker Tool is very helpful for any website owner so they can increase the speed and performance of their site. We know very well people like those website which is high speed and quickly open all desire images and videos etc. While it is compulsory to monitor your website whether it perform well with reduce display time.
Use of this tool is very easy and simple so now a website owner easily check their page size. You have to need just enter the complete website URL and than press submit, suddenly you get desire results with complete report in a second. It provide results in both Kilobytes (KB) and also in Bytes.

However if you want to rank your website than it must to increase the speed of your website, if you are working regularly on your site and upload images in several times than it is important to check page size with this free tool. We offer Page Size Checker free of cost so don't waste your time on paid tools just use it and keep your website up to date.

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