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About Online Ping Website Tool

Online Ping Website is an free tool that allow you to ping your URL. This tool is very helpful with the use of this tool you can ping URL to Google and many other high authority sites that is helpful for index your site quickly. When you ping any URL it will be crawler by Google very quickly. S4seo Tools provide you free tool for ping URL which you can enter URL and than press enter than see the result how this awesome tool works.

How you can use Online Ping Website Tool

Online Ping Website Tool is an amazing tool that offer from S4seo Tools free for their user. When you make a website than you want to rank as soon as possible in search engine, so it is very necessary a ping to Google for index your site quickly. For this purpose SEO experts use ping tools which is more helpful for index new website in search engine.
In order to use this tool just enter site URL and than click on submit within a minute this tool complete their working. Moreover it may be required some time by search engine so that it check all your website's content and than index. Nowadays so many ping tools are available that will help you to get your website index quickly. There are some points which is helpful for use of this tool

  • First of all enter site URL in the first box
  • Than it required site name that should be entered in second box
  • Third box it required direct link of your new post
  • After that enter RSS feed URL and than click on submit
  • You have done keep enjoy its working :)

Main purpose of this tool to ping your site and make index able in search engine quickly. This tool design after proper research and according to people need because every web owner want to index their site quickly and it is possible with the help of Online Ping Website Tool, so that your site will be fall in the eye of Google crawler very soon.

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