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In today's world it is very important to aware all related things so if you are related to SEO than it is very essential to know about linking related data of all external and internal links to your website. In this article we tell about a wonderful tool which ca help you to find information about both type of links. This amazing tool is Link Analyzer tool which you can found on our site.

What is Link Analyzer?

Before the use of this tool we discuss what is link analyzer? It is a free link analyzer tool that show anchor text is linking into your page or website. If we talk about its history it was developed by Microsoft Search Data and Yahoo Search API, with the passage of time both companies has been stopped their services so now many software can be used for this purpose that provide check or verify a list of links. However S4seo Tools offer you a very simple tool for analyze your link that is Link Analyzer Tool.

Why Link Analyzer is Essential?

Link Analyzer is very important to compare the inbound links with competitors website. It helps for ranking of your website in Search Engine while it is considered as a important in online business and increase the visitors on any website. You website will be rank on high if your links will be powerful as compare to competitors links. In order to keep your site on high it is very important to monitor your website with links and you can do this with the help of a strong tool so now you can set a strategy fro their website.

Comparison Between Internal Links and External Links

For any website there are two type of links that is internal link and external link, you can differentiate these links to understand their concept. Internal link is that links which link to another page on the same domain such as you make link to your site with different categories like Contact page, home page etc. So you can link these domains with another so it is called internal links that create with inner. Another type of link is external link that is link o another website on your domain so you can link your site to another high domain authority sites that is called external links. Our free Small SEO Tool give you full report about internal and external links that will be very helpful for your website moreover you can set your site strategy according to this report.

How Link Analyzer Tool Works?

Link Analyzer Tool is a free tool that generate a complete report of links after analysis of any website. Although it provide report in a table form so it quickly obtain the ratio between internal and external links and display in report. Many webmasters use this tool to make their working easy and simple. While its use is very simple and easy you have to need just your website URL and go submit within a minute it show a complete report which you can save in your PC.

Important tip of link analyzer is to make sure that links are imported from and exported to high quality PR sites. Google considers this as one of the most important parameters and high quality links can help your website stay higher during the search engine rankings.  So we prefer this tool as compare of any paid tool because it is totally free of cost as well as a very fast tool.

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