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About PageRank Checker

PageRank Checker tool is one of the most important tool in Search Engine Optimization to analyze performance of your website. One of the main reason to check pagerank of any website is that you can obtain about your site. When you analyze any site than first thing that comes in your mind is PageRank. You spend a lot of time on your website such as on page , off page , online marketing than your website go to high on Search Engine, so pagerank help you to obtain site's performance. Page rank higher mean your site getting high rank, other wise if your site's page rank low than your site go down. Although this tool is very beneficial for web owners.

PageRank is a link analysis algorithm by Google that measure there are how many backlinks point to a website. Page rank used a numerical scale with 0 to 10 on lower to high, as well as it a value of each page according to many criteria. You can check  page rank with the help of our powerful tool which offers you totally free. It also includes the incoming links for your website URL as well as number of links per page. So this describe the quality of links for any website.

How PageRank Checker tool Works?

In this article we discuss about a powerful and most useable tool PageRank Checker which offers you from S4seo tools 100% free of cost. So you can check multiple site's page rank with the help of this. If we talking about in past than PageRank was very important for any site but nowadays it is no longer a big factor for any web page in Search Engine, while your site position still measure through Page Rank of page linking to site. If you are going to buy any site or any advertisement space than page rank is very helpful for you to analyze the quality of site or backlinks. PageRank checker have multiple unique features so you can check more than 100 URLs at a same time, it will display results about these URLs suddenly instead of one by all URL.

  • There are very important to improve the page rank of your website thus you can improve the page rank of your web page with the help of some points
  • You have to need publish unique articles on your website in order to increase the quality of site
  • Your articles must be SEO optimize Backlinks are also very important that must be high quality


Hence this SEO tool used for check page rank of your website so we prefer PageRank Checker Tool. You can keep your website on high ranking in Google and this tool help you to analyze this. This tool can also be used for checking the PageRank of a website that you are planning to buy. There are few people who try to spoof the PageRank and want to mislead you. But with the help of this amazing Page Rank Checker tool, you can save yourself from getting duped.

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