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About Google Malware Checker

Google Malware Checker tool is a most popular tool that is used to find about malware activity on your website. Although it is best way to check the Google has listed the website domain as suspicious or not. So that if you feel about your site some thing wrong when you can check your site on this tool just enter your site URL and check. This tool crawl your website for fraud or any other harmful activity. This tool is best to obtain your site if your are suspicious about a website. It takes only a few seconds to generate results. So you can get full report about malware activity.

What is Malware and How it can effect your Website?

Malware is very strong harmful application that enter in computer system without the permission of PC administrator. This is may be in different types such as software, computer virus, worms , Trojans, spyware, adware, scareware and many other harmful programs which interrupt your system. SP these application can enter into your website while you can protect your website with the help of Google Malware Checker which offered by S4seo Tools totally free of cost. Moreover there are so many files that can destroy your website so it is very important to replace these files as soon as possible and than you can submit final report to Google for approval.

How Works Google Malware Checker Tool

In order to use this tool you have to need just enter website URL and submit suddenly you can get results so your website will be redirected to Google. Google check your all site and produce report for last three months after visit your website. However if there is found any suspicious by the crawler on your website than it will send notification.
Malware attack will be happened when your website getting de indexed and many issues may be going with it. Every web owner want to run your website accurate and protect their site from all harmful malware and virus so it is important to check their website daily or one time in week with the help of Malware Checker Tool.
This tool tell about all fraud , virus or harmful malware or any phishing activity. So we prefer this tool for protect your website as well as for better performance of your site.

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