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About Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa rank checker tool is very famous and popular tool that allow you to check current position of Alexa ranking of multiple websites. S4seo Tools gives you this SEO tool free of cost so now you can analyze your site with the help of this tool. As the lowest position of Alexa ranking number show that your site is going better in traffic rank checker. It analyze website traffic and also determine a web sites traffic.

What is Alexa Rank?

Before use of Alexa rank checker there is very important to learn about Alexa Rank , it is a ranking system set by Alexa that is basically audit and make public the frequency of visits on many websites. Calculation of site traffic is very easy according to Alex traffic ranking. So that it is based on the traffic recorded from users. In Alex ranking traffic is based on how much your page views and how much users visit a particular site in one day. If a particular user visits the same website in many times on the one day than all those visits will be counted as one.

How Alexa Rank Checker tool Works

For check Alexa rank of your website you have to need a best SEO tool that provide exact results and S4seo Tools offers you this tool totally free, now you have no need to spend your money on paid tools you can do this freely. This tool allow you search functions but it mainly show you the rank of visited website which is visited by web analyzers which is connect in some way to the site. An Alexa Rank Checker Tool not only gives information and also send all info to central server.
Use of Alexa Rank Checker tool is very easy and simple so that you have to need enter URL of a website and our free tool will generate full report within few seconds. Moreover this free SEO tool provide the rank of a website , this tool also display in which location of your site has been located. If you want to rank your site in search engines you have to need good meta tags with the help of Meta Tag Generator.

How You Can Improve Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank is very important in your site if you analyze that your site has been poor Alexa Rank than you can improve with the help of this tool. This tool works very quickly and instantly just follow some points to improve it.

  •  You have to need just install Alexa toolbar and Alexa widget than Alexa servers provide you about your traffic and after install it
  • Than you will notice a dramatic increase in your ranking of your website
  • It is very important to publish unique content for users
  • Must to share your content on social media


Finally we prefer this SEO tool for users to check Alexa Rank , in other words there are so many tool are available on internet but we prefer this SEO Small Tool for this purpose because it gives accurate results and full report about Alexa Ranking.

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